Retrain Your Tastebuds

How to retain your tastebuds to enjoy eating healthy!

When you first decide to start eating healthy, it can be a difficult and challenging task. Many of the foods you will start to eat are something most have not eaten since they were kids. As we have learned in past articles, eating healthy is simple: each meal should consist of a good source of protein, some healthy fats, and lots of vegetables. You will then properly time your carbohydrates to maximize results.

Now for most people, the difficulty of eating healthy comes in one of two areas: some will find cutting out the foods they love a challenge (although you do get a cheat day each week) while others find incorporating new foods to be more of a challenge. Today I would like to address the latter of introducing new foods to your diet and how you can quickly and easily start to enjoy them.

When first starting out with eating healthy, eating vegetables with the majority of your meals is the biggest struggle. When I finally started getting srrious about eating more veggies, I didn’t just add a few to my meals and call it a day. Instead I dove right in and started incorporating as many as I could. I would eat my protein and healthy fats first (and carbs if called for) and then would eat as many vegetables as needed until I was satisfied at that meal. By doing that, I was able to start enjoying vegetables rather quickly and still find them very tasty today.

The best way to start incorporating new foods, especially vegetables, is to just go for it. Below are four lessons I would like to share with you, so you can retrain your taste buds to quickly and effectively start enjoying vegetables:

1. Dive Right In: Do not take things slow. You inevitably have to eat vegetables, and lots of them, when trying to get healthy. So instead of starting slow, start indulging in any and all vegetables that you can handle. Taking it slow will make the process longer in starting to enjoy vegetables. By going at it head on from the start, you will be on the fast track to not only eating vegetables freely, but enjoying them as well.

2. It’s a mindset: Mindset is huge when it comes to eating healthy. If you believe that you are enjoying these foods, more than likely they will taste much better. In the beginning I constantly told myself that these new foods were delicious, and over time they started becoming more and more of that. Now sure, I still struggle with some vegetables (like raw broccoli for instance), but it is all about mindset. The mind is a powerful tool!

3. Start with cooked vegetables first: Starting with your vegetables cooked in some grass fed butter and spice’s is a great way to start introducing these new flavors. Cooked vegetables still hold a good amount of nutrients and are a great way to get started. Soon you will be able to incorporate raw veggies into your diet with ease. Although I can now eat raw veggies very easily, I still enjoy cooking the majority of my vegetables in grass fed butter or coconut oil. It gives them more flavor and I am getting some healthy fats with them.

4. Don’t give up: Eating new foods is not easy, but trust me it gets better. The more healthy foods you eat, the fewer cravings of sweets, sugar, etc you will have. And soon, when you do indulge in something like a nice piece of chocolate cake or a bowl of ice cream, it will taste that much better! Remember, you can still eat all the foods you love each week and get incredible results. Just be sure to stay strong to your nutrition plan when you need to. No matter what plan you choose to do, whether a cheat day or a few cheat meals, the majority of the foods you eat should come from real food.

Retraining your taste buds is a process. Diving right in makes this process that much faster and easier. Stop taking things slow and just go for it. I promise it will get easier, and soon you will be eating vegetables more freely than ever before!

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