The Time Is Now: Max Papendieck Interview

Max Papendieck Interview

“To Cross the Rubicon”

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I met Max Papendieck back in college playing pick up basketball one summer and became friends from the start. Living together for two summers, Max and I have been through tons of crazy workouts and have enjoyed many great times. Max continues to be an inspiration as he is always living a healthy lifestyle and models healthy habits for those around him.

Modeling for many big name companies, Max always has to be on top of his game health-wise. You can tell from his pictures, tweets, and posts that he not only talks about being healthy but he lives it.

Having a profession where you must always be in tip top shape, Max’s dedication is an inspiration to us all.

The tattoos he displays, describe the way Max lives his life. “The time is now” and “To Cross The Rubicon” show that Max lives his life to the fullest, and lets others know about it.

Head over and check out Max’s full interview to see what I mean.

Not only will you be inspired, but you will be motivated to get fit once and for all!

Click HERE to read the full interview!