Haters Gonna Love This: Levi Seekins Interview

Levi Seekins Interview

“Work Now, Victory Later.”

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Levi Seekins is on a level of his own when it comes to working out. The energy and tenacity that he brings to workouts is an inspiration to everyone around him. Not only is Levi a huge mentor of mine, but he was much of the inspiration and motivation behind my own personal transformation. I have never met a harder worker than Levi, or someone who has such a passion for health and fitness.

He forces you to bring your best day in and day out, and if it weren’t for him I would not be were I am today health-wise. So you can imagine the joy it brings me to have the opportunity to interview Levi and let him share his knowledge, encouragement, and enthusiasm with you.

Levi has influenced too many to count when it comes to getting others healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only does he preach healthy living, but he lives it day in and day out. He is always encouraging others to get better, to be healthier, and to just dominate life.

This interview is packed with tons knowledge, and my hopes are that Levi can inspire you the same way he inspired me to change my life and body. Still to this day, Levi inspires me to attack every single workout with great energy. And although we currently live in different states, I am still competing with him in every single workout.

Head over and take a look at Levi’s full interview and try and tell me you are not inspired…

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