Just Another Day

Is it really “Just another day?” Is today, just another day to let slip away without taking the steps to improve your life, better your relationships, and make the most of the one life you were given?

When asked how your day is going, have you ever responded with “just another day”? Think about that statement for a second…

This answer has no drive, no ambition, no goal, no future, …

“Just another day” isn’t living in the present moment to improve life. “Just another day” isn’t making each day your masterpiece. “Just another day” isn’t pushing forward to a better and more fulfilling life.

It’s being satisfied in a stalled state of life. It’s living without a purpose, without true meaning.

We are all given a new 24 hours each day to live. No matter where you are in life; rich, poor, happy, sad, out of shape, fit… we all get the 24 hours. It doesn’t carry over, we can’t bank the time we didn’t use, or save it for a later date.

Once it is gone, it is gone. There are no do-overs or retry’s with time. Time past is just that… past!

I once read an article that asked, “If you were given $86,400 every single day, but you had to spend it all within 24 hours or else you would lose it, what would you do?” The answer is simple; you would figure out a way to spend it all. No matter what, you would find a way to use all that money so it didn’t go to waste.

Each day you are given 86,400 seconds to use. You can’t bank them or carry over extra seconds to tomorrow. You must use them all!

The key, however, is how you decide to use them.

Are you just going to continue floating through life as “just another day” or are you going to change you mindset to start making each day your masterpiece?

Are you going to keep doing the things that bring you down or will you start making positive changes, today, that will have a lasting impact on your future?

Will you continue to waste away the precious time you are given or will you start making the most of every opportunity?

The answer should be simple.

I challenge you to make today, every single one of the 86,400 seconds that you are given, worth something.

To change your future, it starts with the present! The time truly is now…