How To Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone Levels

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We always hear about the importance of testosterone when trying to gain muscle. And yes, it’s true – testosterone is the single most important muscle building hormone in your entire body. A high level of testosterone means increased energy levels in the gym, more lean muscle mass and less body fat. To put simply, high testosterone is the key to building muscle. But I didn’t write this to talk about the importance of testosterone, since we probably already know about that. Today I want to talk about another important muscle building hormone, which has a huge effect on your gains.

Human growth hormone (HGH for short) is the hormone that allows your body to recover after a heavy weightlifting workout. Most people haven’t even heard of this hormone, but it is absolutely vital for adding lean muscle mass. Just like testosterone, HGH means more muscle and less fat in less time. But how do we maximize our production of this important hormone? Here are four tips to help you get started:

Tip #1 – No Carbs Before Bed

Carbohydrates play a direct role in spiking insulin levels in the blood. Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone that works to remove the carbs from the bloodstream. For an unknown scientific reason, human growth hormone and insulin cannot coexist together. So if you are consuming things like bread, pasta or even oatmeal before bed, you are practically ruining your HGH production.

Instead, consume a high fat meal before bed. The fat will slow the release of all other foods you consume, which will result in less insulin being released. Remember, less insulin=more human growth hormone.

Tip #2 – Heavy, Compound Movements

Lifting heavy releases more muscle building hormones, HGH included. Because your body is under tremendous stress, you will increase your testosterone and human growth hormone production to help your body recover and come back bigger and stronger. But the million dollar question is, what exercises will help stimulate this release?

Well it certainly isn’t bicep curls or other isolation movements, since the body is simply not under enough stress. Instead, exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench press are all great examples.

Additionally, you should be going to failure on every set. If you don’t, the hormone release will not be nearly as significant.

Tip #3 – Sleep Like A Baby

Along with not eating carbs before bed, we should also be sleeping eight hours every night. Focus on getting good, quality sleep, free from any external distractions or noises. Sleep is when your body releases the most human growth hormone, which is why it is so important if you want to gain lean mass.

Tip #4 – Forget The Post Workout Nonsense

Seriously guys, forget everything you’ve ever learned about post workout nutrition, because it is total BS. Conventional post workout nutrition typically consists of a fast digesting carbohydrate with a fast digesting protein, immediately after your workout. Not only is there no scientific evidence to back this claim, but it is promoted by the supplement companies to make a quick buck. This is probably the reason why you have heard this nonsense everywhere you go. When you consume anything fast digesting post workout, you are missing out on loads of muscle growth.

Remember when I said that insulin and HGH can’t coexist? Well that doesn’t just apply before bed, it applies at all times of the day. This is why consuming a fast digesting protein and carb post workout is a very bad idea, and consuming anything at all within an hour of your workout is not wise either when trying to add muscle mass. Your human growth hormone will be at very high levels post workout, almost as high as it would be if you were sleeping. For this reason, we don’t want to interrupt the recovery process.

Instead, wait an hour after your workout before consuming anything (your muscles won’t deflate, I promise) and when that hour is up, consume a slow digesting carb and protein. A great example is oatmeal and a chicken breast. I know I’m going to get flamed for saying all this, but I have seen better results using this approach and so will you.

To Sum It Up

Everyone wants to know how they can increase their testosterone level. But despite how important testosterone is to adding lean mass, it is nothing without its partner, human growth hormone. Building muscle without HGH is like trying to build a house if you’re missing some of the bricks. It’s just not possible!

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    • Dennis

      Whether you eat carbs before bed or not, it all comes down to what you are eating in all your other meals. If you focus on incorporating good sources of protein, healthy fats, and veggies into the majority of your meals then add in carbs when needed, you will naturally lose fat and become more fit. This single topic of whether to eat carbs or not before bed will not make or break your success.

      For me personally, I prefer to eat my carbs around workout times and earlier in the day. When I eat carbs before bed I tend to wake up congested and far more hungry than if I ate a meal high in protein and fat before bed.

      Experiment to find what works best for you. Remember, it is the combination of all your meals that is going to bring you the results!

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