How to Cure The Someday Attitude

Start Getting Healthy NOW!

Far too many times we can get caught up in the “start tomorrow” attitude that when we finally come around to starting, months or even years have passed. This was true for me when I decided I was going to start my own fitness website. I kept saying, “oh yes, I will start putting content together tomorrow” or “after this weekend is over I will start.”

I am very glad this period took place in my life because I learned a lot from it. I didn’t realize until about 3 months had passed that I had set a goal of starting a fitness site and I was still in the same place I was three months ago. What I learned from this experience, was we only get so many tomorrow’s. At some point you just have to suck it up and start.

Many of my clients have told me that they meant to start working out and getting healthy months ago but didn’t because of one reason or another. Most times, the reason we put things off is because we are intimidated by the process. Whether this be me starting this website, or one of my clients putting of getting healthy.

The easiest way to cure your “someday” attitude is to simply start then never, ever give up. By just starting, you will be closer to your goals than you were the day before and if this continues, in no time you will have reached what you set out to do. Below, I have put together a list of strategies you can use to help cure your “someday” attitude when it comes to getting healthy and fit. As was stated, it all starts with starting, after that it is all about never, ever giving up:

Set goals, but make them short term:

If you are trying to get healthy, setting long term goals can be very intimidating in the beginning. Trying to achieve a goal that is 30 days long is much less intimidating that one that is 6 months long. You will find that having short term goals will help keep you more focused and energized. After you start achieving these short term goals, you can then start setting longer and longer term goals.

Take it one day at a time:

Do not allow yourself to look past day one. Focus on completing one day at a time so you do not get overwhelmed. For example, if you decided to do the cheat day diet illustrated HERE, it can be very hard to think that you still have six days left until you can have a cheat meal. If it is Monday and your cheat day isn’t until Saturday, you may struggle with knowing that your next cheat day is not for another five days. Instead, take Monday to focus on eating healthy foods, then once its over reset your mind for Tuesday. Taking things one day at a time will simplify things greatly for you and not cause any stress.

Make it social:

When you make your goals known, they instantly become more serious. If you tell all your Facebook and Twitter friends that you are going to get fit in six weeks, you will more than likely stick to your word. When I started this site, I blasted it to all my Facebook friends letting them know I would be updating it a few times per week. If I hadn’t made that promise, who knows what excuses I could have made to not update it. Keeping things to yourself allows for the perfect excuse to not do something. So start telling others about what you are going to do, then go do it!

Challenge a friend:

Nothing like some good competition to keep you motivated. I had a pair of clients recently that I trained together that were father and son. Although these two lifted different weights and did a few different exercises, you could see that the competition of just showing up was part of what kept them going. Neither of them wanted to miss a training session because they knew the other one was getting better, and the person who missed would hear about it the next time. Having someone to by your side as you get fit will give you a huge boost in focus, energy, drive, perseverance, and will challenge you to stick to the plan.

Enter a contest:

There are many fitness contests that you can enter, many of them handing out some pretty cool prizes. If you have always had the “someday” attitude about getting in shape, a contest will help with getting you motivated to start. Just think: If you win, you get a nice prize and will be more healthy than ever before. And if you don’t win (but stick with the program), you will still be more healthy than ever before (which is even more important no matter what the prize is).

Be Positive:

Positivity is everything. Getting healthy is supposed to be fun and no better way than to have a positive attitude heading into it. Find joy in your workouts, the foods you eat, and the results you see. If you think eating healthy is hard, then make it fun by trying new foods and coming up with new recipes. If you do not like working out then find something active you enjoy and do that. If anything, find a simple intense 10 minute workout, get it over with and move on with your day. Getting healthy is meant to be fun, so it is up to you to make it that way.

Reward Yourself:

After you start achieving your goals, you must find different ways to reward yourself. Whether this be a nice dinner, a weekend away, or even with a cheat meal. Give yourself something to look forward to when setting your goals.

Take Action:

None of the strategies above mean anything unless you take action. That must be your first step and continue as you go throughout the process of getting healthy. Take action each day and in no time you will be taking down goals left and right.

The “someday” attitude can be a be something that will hold you back for far longer than you know. If you continue to think this way, you will never fully be satisfied with what you are trying to achieve. I challenge you to start taking action and start using the strategies above.

If you are ready to take the challenge of getting healthy once and for all, leave a comment below as your first step. Leave it so everyone can see it and so you can’t go against your word.


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