Healthy Eating Myths Part One

Excuses About Healthy Eating Debunked

The excuses of why someone does not eat healthy can extend to great length. Everyone has an excuse about why they do not eat healthy and why they choose to continue eating foods that are giving them zero benefit. In this two part series, I will be covering different myths and excuses people have about eating healthy, and how they can be solved.

The truth is, healthy eating isn’t all that hard. Below, I will debunk three healthy eating myths and show you how to eat healthy AND still enjoy all the foods you love to eat! Take a look:

Myth One: “It is too time consuming.”

This is far from the truth. Eating healthy actually takes less time than eating unhealthy when you prepare properly. The majority of the meals I eat can be put together in less than five minutes because I cook in bulk and always have healthy foods on hand.

If I were to run out and grab some “fast” food, the time it takes to get to the restaurant, order my food, get home, and eat it would take much longer than the healthy meals I have on hand.

Most people think that just because they are eating healthy they need to cook up every single meal in order to make it work. This is not true at all. Yes, I know people who cook at nearly every meal but that is because they have the time and love to cook.

But for someone like myself, I like to come home put my food in a pan or in the microwave and be ready to eat in under 5 minutes. There are times when I feel like cooking, so I do. But the majority of the time, I simply put my food on a plate and into the microwave.

Healthy eating does not have to take hours a day or even hours week. I spend about 90 minutes every Sunday cooking up all my meals for the week. I cook chicken, grass fed beef, beans, some jasmine rice, chop up vegetables, etc. I then put these in tupperware and into the fridge so they are readily available whenever it is time to eat.

Preparation and cooking in bulk is key to saving tons of time when eating healthy. 

Myth Two: “It is too hard”

Eating healthy does not mean that you can never eat an unhealthy food ever again. In fact, when done properly you can eat ALL the foods you love each and every week. If you refer back to the Cheat Day Series, I show you how once per week you can eat any and all the foods you love. This includes donuts, pizza, pancakes, etc.

The only rule is that you must focus on eating healthy the previous six days with no cheat meals. Anyone can eat healthy for six straight days. All it takes is discipline and preparation. We have already discussed the preparation aspect, now it is up to you to discipline yourself.

In the beginning, six days may feel like a long time but the more healthy you eat, the easier it gets. Especially when you start seeing results after the first week, it will become easier and easier.

When people tell me it is too hard to eat healthy, I always tell them they just need to “retrain their taste buds.” The more healthy foods you eat, the more you start liking them. I was never a fan of spinach or broccoli until I started eating them more. After a week or so, I started to enjoy eating them. Eating healthy is not hard. Discipline yourself now, and in just weeks it will be much better.

Myth Three: “It is too restrictive”

Many people struggle giving up the foods they love to eat. They want to eat their pizza, pastas, cookies, ice cream, muffins, etc. and that is completely fine. In fact, on all the nutrition plans I write I encourage you to eat those things once per week.

A full day of cheat meals once per week is the furthest thing from “too restrictive.” Sure you will need to discipline yourself throughout the week but how can you complain if you get to eat as much cake and pizza as you want one day a week?

To me, the typical diet is too restrictive. Cutting out all the foods you love for a month or two months is just not the way to go. Having a cheat day each week sounds like a fair trade for eating healthy the other six days. You will burn an incredible amount of fat and you get to eat all the foods you love!

In part two of our ‘Healthy Eating Myths’ series, we will be covering three more myths and excuses I often hear people say when it comes to eating healthy. Plus, I will be breaking down exactly how you can cut major costs when it comes to buying and preparing your healthy foods. This is something you will not want to miss!

Be sure to check back for part two!

What other myths can you add to our list? Please leave your feedback, comments, and questions below:

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