Gym Do’s And Don’ts

There are certain Do’s and Don’ts that everyone needs to have when they go to the gym. If you don’t, you will find yourself wondering around, lost, and wasting time. Below I will help get you started by sharing my list of Do’s and Don’ts every time I go to the gym. If you want to start seeing better results from your workouts and time spent at the gym, start implementing the list below:

The Do’s

DO warm up and stretch. This will help you avoid injury and makes sure your muscles are fully ready to go.

DO bring your music and headphones. Put together a good play list, get amped, and go to work!

DO keep your workouts intense. We have discussed this many times before so you already know the importance of intensity. 

DO spend the majority of your time in the weight area. Everything you need for an incredible workout is located where the weights are, so stay in that vicinity.

DO bring your own water bottle. This will ensure that you don’t waste time walking to the drinking fountain, running into a talkative gym goer, or losing your weights or bench.

DO focus on form. Proper form will help prevent injuries, makes you are use the right muscles throughout the exercises, and it allows you to lift more weight.

DO find a good workout partner. If possible, workout with someone who is stronger than you or that will challenge you to get better each day.

DO have a plan before entering your workout. Even if this means writing it down 5 minutes beforehand.

The Don’ts

DONT socialize during your workout. If you are going to socialize, do it after you are finished.

DONT watch TV. Your workouts are supposed to be focused, and watching TV is only a distraction from that focus.

DONT spend time on machine exercises. Free weights are far superior to machines.

DONT spend more than 5-10 minutes in the cardio area. Unless you are warming up or cooling down, you should not be there. The only other reason you should find yourself in that area is if you are doing an interval sprint workout. However, know that there are far better options for cardio workouts such as sprints, hill sprints, basketball court sprints, sled pushes, bodyweight circuits, intervals, etc.

DONT spend more than 60 total minutes in the gym. To see why, click HERE and HERE!

DONT try to outdo someone else. You are not competing against anyone but yourself. Don’t try to out lift someone or outdo someone by lifting a weight that is too heavy.

DONT overdue it! This will only lead to extreme soreness, injury, and missed workouts.

DONT eat Chipotle and drink a double espresso 15 minutes before a workout. Bad experience with this one…

By implementing this simple list of Do’s and Don’ts, not only will you start seeing better results from your workouts, but you will be spending less time in the gym and have a better overall workout experience.

What Do’s and Don’ts do you have on your gym list? I would love to hear your feedback below… 

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