Get Lean Cycle

Imagine for a second that you NEVER had to suffer through another boring cardio session again… Or a super strict, time consuming, “keep you hungry all day” diet.

How would that make you feel?

abworkoutsformen2The ability to eat what you want, when you want. Train for 15-20 minutes and know immense fat burning is taking place.

That sounds pretty good. right?

As you are about to find out below, for the last 30 days (even though I was traveling for 20 of them), I was able to stay in better shape and more lean simply by “cycling” everything I did. And I am going to show YOU how you can do the same thing.

So let’s talk diet first…

This is of course the most important, yet also the most challenging part. With lots of engagements over the last month, including a 5-day visit to Vegas, a 10-day wedding trip to California, and a 4 day trip to Chicago/Michigan, I could have totally lost it when it came to what I ate.

However, I stuck with my basics and was able to stay lean while eating TONS of great food (including lots of wedding cake, ice-cream, and pastries). Here’s what I did:

1. Plan out cheat meals.

get lean cycleWhat’s the point of being in Vegas or going to a wedding if you can’t enjoy all the great foods?

For each event, for at least 2-3 days prior (preferably a week prior), I made sure that I ate very healthy and followed my low carb day approach. This way, when the wedding day or a night out happened, I could enjoy a high carb day and throw in some delicious cheat meals.

Then after the event, I jumped right back to 2-3 lower carb days and repeated. Pretty simple.

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2. Passed when I needed to pass

get lean cycle 2It’s so easy to go out to a restaurant with friends and eat the bread, get a huge pasta meal, then order dessert and drinks to go along with it. However, when trying to stay lean, there are times you must pass on these things.

For example, after the wedding in Palm Springs, I passed on desserts and complex carbs the next day. I instead focused on a high fat and high protein diet. Were the treats and desserts tempting? Absolutely.

Yet I knew that I was on a low carb day and should pass (especially since I ate about 6 cupcakes the night before.)

The key to this was knowing what kind of day it was, a low or high carb day, and sticking to it (for the most part!).

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3. I fasted strategically

Most of the days I was on vacation, I fasted until about 11AM. I had my coffee in the morning then my first meal around 11AM. This allowed for extended fat burning so if I was going to be eating a lots of cheat meals that day, my body was better prepared.

I do not do this regularly, but if you are going to be eating 6 cupcakes that night, it is a good idea.

Those are the basics that I followed while traveling that allowed me to stay lean and fit. I was not nearly as strict as what I do at home, however what I did worked and allowed me to enjoy TONS of great food and treats.

Alright, now for the easier portion… Exercise. All you really need to do is follow these two steps:

1. Use exercise at certain times.

get lean cycle 3Being on the road, I did not have much access to a gym so I was stuck with doing all bodyweight workouts. That was totally fine with me as I create some amazing bodyweight only workouts. => click here to pick up your FREE vacation workouts report!

On each of the days that I knew my diet was going to be a bit off with cheat meals, I made sure to get in a very high intensity 10-20 minute workout. Most of these workouts simply consisted of pushups, squat jumps, burpees, lunges, and pull-ups (if available).

What this did was open up more glycogen stores in my muscles so the carbohydrates could get shuttled in instead of getting stored as fat. Pretty sweet deal.

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2. Stay active by walking or perform a 5-10 minute bodyweight circuit on your off days

When you are in conferences and meetings, you do a lot of sitting. That means you need to take advantage of the time you do get to move around.

If I knew I was going to be sitting all day and it was an off day for my workouts, I would do a short 5-10 minute bodyweight circuit in both the morning and night.

This helped burn some calories and keep my body moving. You should then try to move around as much as possible during the day (stretch, walk around, etc.)

Just taking those two simple steps in your exercise will easily allow you to stay fit while away or even when you are at home.

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Bonus: Keep a schedule!

planThe final tip I want to share with you is to keep a schedule for both your workouts and eating. Know what days you will be working out, what days you will take off, what days are high carb and which ones are low carb. Knowing just these four things will greatly help with keeping you lean.

As you can see, if you plan, prepare, and execute, you can stay lean no matter what life throws at you. As I Craig Ballantyne said this weekend:

“When you set rules for yourself, you stick to them more. That’s the reason you don’t see vegetarians eating meat. They have a set of rules and don’t go against them.”

Get your rules in place for what days you will cycle as low carb and high carb days, as well as what days you will workout and not workout.

So simple, yet so powerful.

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  1. It’s refreshing to see a report that both acknowledges that part of celebrating life can involve days and events that are less than ideal health wise and then gives some valuable tips. I’m going on vacation for a week next month and plan on taking your approach – eating really clean the week before and then enjoy more high carb days while traveling, making sure to get those short, high intensity workouts in.

    Thanks for the article

    • Dennis Heenan

      Hey Shaun,

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Definitely have to have that balance especially when traveling and having lots of engagements. Thanks for commenting.


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