Four Ways To Declutter Your Workouts

 Declutter Your Workouts

If you are like me, I absolutely cannot stand clutter. Whether this is my house, desktop, car, or my workouts, I like things to be organized and in order. When things get cluttered we get distracted, waste time, and are not fully focused on what needs to be done.

Everyday I see people walk into the gym with a cluttered plan. They roam around going from machine to machine trying to figure out what exercise they are going to do next. They spend more time walking and talking than they actually do working out. You will see these people take 3-5 minute breaks to watch some TV, talk to other gym members, and take water breaks after every set.

If I had to workout like this or even workout with someone like this, it would drive me crazy. Having clutter in your workouts is greatly holding you back from the results you deserve. To help solve this problem, here are four simple solutions you can apply to declutter your workouts immediately:

Have a plan

Not having a plan when you go to the gym is one of the biggest time wasters there is. You wonder around thinking of what exercise to do next, you have no set rest periods, you are not focused on what you truly need to do, and more.

Having a plan helps you to stay on task, keep focused, and get your work done in the amount of time you set. The first step in decluttering your workouts is to have a plan each time you go to the gym. This means:

  • What exact exercises you will be doing, and in what order
  • The number of reps and sets of each exercise for that day
  • Exactly when you will rest and how long you will rest for
  • The amount of time you will spend warming up and cooling down
  • Scheduled water breaks (if you don’t bring a bottle)

Each time you hit the gym you should have a game plan on what you will be doing that day. Having a plan eliminates the clutter of wondering around, talking to other people, taking too much rest between sets, and simply wasting time when you should be working.

Keep track of times

Your next step to decluttering your workouts is to keep track of time. I mentioned this above but this is very important. You don’t want to go to the gym planning on staying for 45 minutes and end up being there for two hours. Your workouts are meant to be focused where you are getting better in that short period of time.

Keeping track of time will help you stay on task and eliminate the temptation to strike up conversations, watch TV, waste time, etc. Tracking time should simply consist of your total workout time and the amount of rest you will take between sets.

If you know that you only have 30 seconds between a set, you will not be trying to talk to someone during that time. Instead you will be focused on resting and preparing for your next set. If you don’t have these set times, it can be easy to get distracted from your workout. So be diligent about tracking time in your workouts.

If you find that it is too hard to track time, then I recommend getting something like Gym Boss. This is a great interval timer that will beep when it is time to rest and time to start. It is very convenient, plus it is a free download on smartphones!

Find a good partner

Having someone by your side to keep you on track can be a huge help in getting the clutter out of your workouts. I have been very fortunate with all the workout partners I have had, as they are in the gym for one reason: to get better!

They wouldn’t allow me to drift away and start talking on the phone or leave to go grab my iPod out of the car. When the workouts started, it was time to go to work.

If you are struggling in your workouts, a good partner will make a huge difference. Not only will they keep you motivated, but they will get you better each time you are in the gym. If you are serious about getting fit, it shouldn’t matter if your partner is more advanced than you. Just the fact that you are serious about getting in shape will make this person want to train with you.

When I first started out, my good friend Levi was far ahead of me in the weight room. He was stronger, in better shape, and knew exactly what he was doing. When I asked if I could train with him, he immediately said yes because he knew I was dedicated and wanted to get better. It was then his goal to help me catch him in the weight room. So don’t worry about what fitness level you are at, people love helping people.

Work in intervals

Working in intervals is one of the best ways to eliminate clutter in your workouts. Intervals forces you to stay on task the entire time you are in the gym. If you were to do an interval workout consisting of 30 seconds of hard training followed by 30 seconds of rest and repeat, there wouldn’t be any time for you to waste.

That 30 second rest period is your only opportunity to recover so you will be trying to maximize that time. If you want to take intervals a step further, your best option would be to do some Tabata training. This would mean working for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds and repeating.

That will really ensure that you stay focused throughout your workouts.

(For interval training I highly recommend getting the Gym Boss!)


If you are looking to maximize your efforts in the gym and really get fit, you must take all the clutter out of your workout routine. Workouts are meant to be focused throughout, so have a plan and stick with it.

Your time at the gym should be get in, go to work, and get out!

What other ways do you find helpful to declutter your workouts? Leave your feedback below!


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