1. If you are trying to burn fat, you should go as far as no food 4 hours before bedtime. This way you are sure your body is not “inflamed” from all the food prior to bed time. Makes it easy to respond to the alarm clock in the morning.

    Great tips you have here on your blog.

    • Dennis Heenan

      Thanks Ryan, appreciate your comment and feedback! And I agree with you, depending on what works best with your schedule, 4 hours would be beneficial. Depending on the day during the week, I will do 14-16 hour fasts and have been loving the results!

    • Mike

      Dennis, what about casein protein shakes before bed? Walnuts instead of almonds…egg protein…raw vs cooked veggies? Thanks for the great tips!

      • Dennis Heenan

        Walnuts are great, casein if it doesn’t hurt your stomach, and egg protein would work too. Raw vs cooked doesn’t matter. I enjoy mine steamed with grass-fed butter or stir fried in grass fed butter! Hope that helps.

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