Five Reasons To Never Workout Again!

Working out is just plain hard. I have decided that I am never going to workout again and want to give you five reasons why you should consider doing the same. Is all this time spent at the gym working your butt off, sweating like crazy, and feeling the burn really worth it?

There are five reasons that I would like to share on why I will never workout again, then let you decide if you will be joining me:

1. I don’t have time!

We all lead very busy lives and I just cannot find the time to workout anymore. I mean from watching my TV shows at night, to working, to hanging out with friends, to spending time on Twitter and Facebook… I just can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym and workout.

Yea, I have heard it all before:

  • Schedule your workouts ahead of time. Put them in your schedule and get it done”
  • “Workout while watching your TV shows.”
  • “Your workouts do not have to last for an hour or even 30 minutes. A short 10 minute workout can do the trick when done correctly.”
  • ” Wake up 10 minutes earlier and do it then.”
  • “Start by just going 2-3 days per week.”
  • “Workout in your office while at work.”

All of these solutions make a ton of sense, but I am still not convinced to continue working out. I am just way too busy…

2. Exercises and workouts hurt!

All the exercises I do burn my muscles and then I get sore after working out. I just don’t like the “pain” and soreness. I mean, I don’t workout for 3 months then I hit the gym hard and can’t walk for 5 days. What’s the deal with that?

I know I could…

  • Ease into my workouts
  • Start out by doing less, especially after taking time off
  • Build up over the course of a few weeks to doing more and more
  • Take more rest days when needed
  • Eat better to allow my body to recover more efficiently
  • Keep workout times shorter in the beginning (hence saving time. Two birds with one stone?)

But still, working out just “hurts.” The burn, the good soreness I feel afterwards, the accomplishment of taking down a tough workout… Not worth it.

3. It is too tiring!

When I workout, my body just gets tired for the short period I am at the gym. I push myself so hard that my muscles get tired and I get really out of breath. Sure, I feel great and energized afterwards, but I don’t like feeling tired during my workouts.

Yes, exercising will allow me to live longer and have more energy as I get older but is it really worth it?

I guess I have a decision to make:

  • I can either be tired for 20-30 minutes out of my day a few times per week.
  • Or watch as my body grows more tired by the day as I get older.
Tough decision to make…

4. It is way to boring!

Starring at the same TV screen day after day gets really old while doing my 45-minute jogs on the treadmill. I was over that workout from the day I started it. Isn’t there anything else I can do to make exercising more fun? I see all these other people doing things at the gym such as:

It really seems like the options are endless when it comes to working out but it is just way too boring for me to continue on with it. Plus…

5. It never works for me!

I have been doing the same treadmill workout for the last three months and it is not only boring, but I haven’t seen any improvement or results. I don’t really have a plan or goals when I go workout but I should have seen some changes by now right?

I see other people in the gym that are in great shape, so that must mean they just have great genetics. They are always the ones doing workouts such as:

Plus, I am sure they go home and eat whatever they want and still have a six-pack. I eat healthy for the most part incorporating lots of whole grains and wheat and cereals but I am still seeing no results. I one time asked a very fit person at the gym what their diet looked like and they said:
  • Good sources of protein and healthy fats with every meal
  • Lots of vegetables
  • Good sources of carbohydrates when needed, preferably within 30-60 minutes after a workout.
  • This person also said that once per week for a full day, they eat whatever they want! HA! That would be nice…

I guess when I think about it, much of the success people have when it comes to getting in shape, comes from a solid nutrition and workout plan, doing the right workouts, allowing your body to get good rest, putting workouts on the calendar, and simply having the determination to push through. But who wants to do all that…


Clearly, this post was meant to be an “informative joke.” No, I am not going to stop working out and no, the scenarios covered were not me. However, these are things that many people struggle with everyday. And as good as many of these excuses sounded, you can clearly see there are many solutions!

1. Yes workouts take time, but no they do not need to take hours.

As was stated, you can get in an incredible 10 minute workout that will burn fat and build lean muscle. If you are crunched for time, shorten your rest periods and keep your workout intense throughout!

2. Exercises and workouts are meant to get you stronger and more healthy.

The stronger you become, the easier everyday tasks become. Especially when first starting out, you must ease into your workouts and build up to doing more over time. This will save you from tons of soreness and overuse. There is a huge difference between a “good sore” and a “can’t walk sore.”

The “hurt” you are feeling is the “cant walk sore” that is caused by starting out too fast and doing too much.

3. Working out is supposed to make you tired while doing it.

The 20-45 minute period you are at the gym is a focused time to get your blood pumping and body moving. You are going to get out of breath, you are going to sweat, and your muscles will burn. This is what will get your stronger and more fit.

What you will realize, is once your workout is over, you will have tons of energy the rest of the day and these workouts will help keep you energized and healthy for life!

4. Workouts are the furthest thing from “boring.” 

Once again, if you spend 45 minutes on the treadmill, then yes, your workouts are terribly boring. But go out and switch things up. Lift some weights, flip tires, do some kettlebell swings, perform a bodyweight circuit, etc. Not only will this keep all your workouts interesting but this will bring far better results than any long slow cardio ever could!

5. The reason workouts don’t work for you is because you are not doing the right thing and are not eating healthy.

As we know, nutrition is 80-85% of the results you will see. So it start with that. Then you must have a plan to follow and goals you are going after. Far too many people wonder around the gym searching for what they are going to do next.

Have a plan written, or better yet have a plan written for you, that you will be following when you go to the gym. It is the combination of a solid nutrition plan and workout plan that will bring you the best results.

As you can see, every excuse has a solution. It is time for the excuses to stop, and it is time to start getting serious about your health!

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