Fitness Contest Rules

Before Starting Any Fitness Contest, Read This:

With the new year right around the corner, fitness contests are going to be popping up everywhere around the country and online. The problem with many fitness contests however, especially those that happen in the work place, is they have absolutely zero structure and knowledge about how to get healthy.

Companies will say things like “whoever loses the most weight wins” when many people don’t have any weight to lose. Or “we are having a contest to see who can get the most healthy” and never define what “healthy” is.

Far too many times during fitness contests, you see people starve themselves, workout far too much, try to “outdo” the competition, etc. This is NOT what a fitness contest is about. Below, I cover five different rules that you should be sure to follow when starting a fitness contest. This will ensure that you go about doing things in the right fashion, and get healthy instead of hurt your body:

1. It’s not about how much or how often you workout, but about how SMART you workout.

When you are trying to get fit, it is NOT about how often or how long you train. It is about doing the right exercises and the right workouts. Don’t fall into the trap of training for hours a day, everyday. Three to four, 30-45 minute sessions a week is far enough to get you fit and healthy.

2. It’s not about eating as little as possible, but about eating the RIGHT foods and when you are hungry and until you are satisfied.

One of the WORST things you can do when trying to get healthy is starve yourself or drastically cut calories. Instead of starving yourself and eating as little as possible, you should focus on eating the right foods and when you are hungry and until you are satisfied. Another big nutrition mistake is cutting out junk food all together.

Now I am not saying to eat dessert with every meal but having it 2-3 times per week won’t hurt. Better yet, why not have a full day each week to eat whatever you want? There has been tons of research on this “cheat day” bonanza and you can read all about how to do it HERE!

I will say again, do NOT starve yourself or drastically cut calories as this is one of the worst things you can do when trying to get fit and healthy.

3. It’s not about competing against others, but about competing against YOURSELF.

In a contest you are not trying to outdo someone else. This can lead to overtraining, under-eating, and burnout. Yes, it is ok to get motivated by others but ultimately it comes down to YOU and holding yourself accountable in the right ways.

4. It’s not about winning the contest, but about getting HEALTHY.

The ultimate goal of any fitness contest is to get healthy. Sure, winning is a nice bonus but that is not what it should be about. If you get yourself healthy but do not win the contest, it shouldn’t even matter.

Obtaining lifelong health is far better than any prize you win. So stay focused on your goals and see winning as a bonus.

5. It’s not about going into the contest “blind,” but about having a PLAN.

Don’t allow a non-professional to give you an open ended contest outline without providing a solid, HEALTHY way to get fit. This often happens in company contests where they simply tell you “whoever loses the most weight wins.” This is so misleading and wrong as many people don’t have any weight to lose.

Having a plan that fits the individual person is the only way to go when getting healthy. 

Before you decide to jump into a fitness contest, be sure to come back and revisit these rules. They will not only help get you healthy, but they will ensure that you do it the right way!

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