Fat Burning Foods Truth

Truth about fat burning foodsWe have all been told at one time or another what foods to eat when it comes to burning fat. But the truth is, if you were given the right information and applied what you were given, you would be a lot more fit than you currently are.

This isn’t a knock against you, rather a knock against what you have been told for years. You see, everyday you have big companies firing at all angles trying to convince you that their food is healthy.

From Kellogg’s telling you about their new “healthy” sugar filled cereal, to McDonalds talking about their “healthy” egg-white breakfast sandwich, to Coco-Cola telling you their “new” coke formula is healthy.

You are getting bombarded with false information and have been for years. 

Here’s the thing:

You can’t and shouldn’t listen to companies who have the sole purpose of making money. Why? Because they will tell you anything in order to get you to buy and spend more.

Instead, you should focus on listening to those that have the goal of reaching and helping as many individuals as possible. People like Mark Sisson, Craig Ballantyne, and Tim Ferriss just to name a few.

Although each of these individuals sells products and run great businesses, they provide a ton of free information that change lives.

Those are the kind of people you want to listen to because even if you do not ever buy something, you can still walk away with a ton of great life changing information.

Recently, I spoke about my new friend Nick Pineault who just put out an awesome new program called ‘The Truth About Fat Burning Foods.’

Nick has been studying the nutrition industry for years, coaching clients, and providing a ton of free information and content in order to help others get healthy.

And finally, Nick decided to put his years of hard work into one incredible program. If you have ever had questions about nutrition and fat burning foods, you have got to check out Nick’s new book!

>> Read this for yourself (tons of great info) <<

Here’s the thing, even if you do not buy Nick’s book, at least go read his page at the link above. It is packed with great information including:

  • 3 simple steps to transform your kitchen into a healthy kitchen!
  • How food companies disguise “healthy” foods
  • What French people know that you don’t about burning fat (this is interesting)
  • The hidden secret that is keeping America fat…
  • 4 fat storing foods that you eat everyday!

And much more…

Do me a favor and go check out the free information that Nick has put together for you.

>>You can see it by clicking HERE!<<

Once you finish reading, be sure to come back and let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear.

Keep on burning,

Dennis Heenan

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