Dumbbell Shoulder Circuit

Shoulder day with Levi Seekins has always been a killer. Back when we first started working out we used to combine heavy shoulder exercises with this little circuit to make for some serious shoulder burn. This circuit should be done with a comfortable yet challenging weight and can be made harder by performing each exercise at a slower pace.

Take a look at the workout below and the workout description below the video:

The Workout:

  • Front Shoulder Raises: 20 reps (10 reps each arm)
  • Lateral Shoulder Raises: 10 reps
  • Shoulder Fly: 10 reps
  • Half Scarecrow: 10 reps
  • Elbows In: 10 reps

Be sure to have perfect form throughout the workout.

You will perform each exercise back-to-back with no rest. Once you have gone through the circuit, you can take a 30 second break or start over when ready.

You will repeat this workout for a total of three sets.

This is a great shoulder workout to finish off an upper body day with. It is very high intensity and it will really push you. Doing this early in the workout might be a bad idea as it will fatigue your shoulders for your other lifts. Focus on the big compound movements first, then add this workout in at the end.

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