Do You Really Know How To Train?

Working out is meant to bring results. If you are not seeing results, something is drastically wrong. We all know it starts with nutrition, but after that it is on your training to produce the results fast. The question, however, is do you really know how to train?

  • Are your workouts leaving you begging for no more by the end?
  • Do you get the “good” soreness after your workouts?
  • Are you really pushing yourself as hard as you can go?
  • Does every rep and every set mean something to you or do you just go through the motions to get it over with?

The truth is, the majority of the people you see at the gym have no clue how to train.

I have always been a very hard worker, but it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I learned what it really meant to push myself hard in the weight room. My mentor and good friend Levi, whom we have discussed on here before, takes working out to a whole new level. If he said we are doing 4 sets of 10 reps on the bench press, we did 4 sets of 10 with an incredibly challenging weight. We didn’t pick a weight that we could do 15 reps with, we chose one that we could complete the 10 with but there was no way we were getting 11 or 12.

If you want improvement, you must push yourself on every single rep and set.

How is it that “person A” and “person B” can go through the same workout but have a completely different feel about how the workout went?

  • Person A is left begging for no more at the end while person B is asking “whats next?”
  • Person A performs lifts with challenging weights while person B picks a weight that they can do 20+ reps with (and then will only do 8)
  • Person A is a good sore the next 2 days while person B can repeat the same workout the next day without a problem
  • Person A can’t talk while doing their sets while person B is having a full conversation
  • Person A is focused throughout their time at the gym while person B is walking around talking for 2-5 minutes between sets

I think you get my point. Clearly person A knows how to train while person B is going through the motions. No matter what workout you give me to do, I could turn it into something that is challenging. How? By simply pushing myself.

Do 2 sets of 5 squats? Alright. Choose a weight that there is no way you would be able to do 6 reps with.

1 set of 10 push-ups? Great. Do a 10 count down and up on each rep.

5 minutes of cardio? Head to a field and sprint for 20 seconds every minute.

See, no matter what you do with your training it is on YOU to make it challenging. Don’t waste your time doing something that is not getting you better for your next workout.

If you spend 30-45 minutes in the gym, there is no way you should be asking “whats next” at the end of your workout. If you are, you are not training hard enough.

How you should train

If you feel that you do not know how to train, here are five solutions to solving your problem:

  1. Have a plan: Know exactly what you will be doing at the gym every time you go. Write it on a piece of paper, in a notebook, on your smart phone, etc. Once you have your plan, stick to it!
  2. Get focused: You are at the gym to train not socialize. Socialize after your workouts are over if you are going to. Put in your headphones and get to work, no interruptions.
  3. Find a challenging weight: This is something many many people miss out on. If it calls for you to do 10 repetitions on an exercise, you should be able to complete the 10 reps but you should NOT be able to complete 12. If you are choosing a weight that you can do 15-20 reps with but only performing 10 reps, that must change.
  4. Make every rep mean something: This means focusing on form and feeling every muscle being worked. If you are on the bench press, feel it working your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Don’t just lift, focus on every movement.
  5. PUSH YOURSELF: After your workouts are done, never be left wondering “what should I do next?” If you are, you are not pushing hard enough. Once you finish that last rep, you should be down for the count ready to hit the showers.
  6. Bonus: Get a partner! Start training with someone that knows how to train so you can see what it is like to go through a real workout. It may not be until you see what it looks like to push yourself that you start doing it too.

It is time for you to start getting the results you deserve and in order to make that happen, you must start training like you mean it. I challenge you this week to push yourself to the limits in your workouts. No more complaining and no more excuses.

Get to the gym, put in your headphones, hit the weights hard, and watch as your results skyrocket.

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