Crazy Pull-Up Circuit

As you know, I was in California for the past week and was able to go through some incredible workouts with friends. I was also able to shoot some videos while there and as promised here is the Pull-Up Circuit we covered in yesterday’s Coffee Talk.

It is put on by Levi Seekins and myself and is one of the best “warm up” workouts you can do. This circuit can be done at the beginning, during, or end of a workout and will bring great benefits. The workout description is posted below the video:


  1. Up-Over-Back-Down Pull-Ups
  2. Regular Pull-Ups
  3. Side-to-Side Pull-Ups
  4. Towel Pull-Ups (left hand)
  5. Towel Pull-Ups (right hand)

Pick a number to perform each of the exercises above and try to stick with that number for the entire set. After completing each full set, you can bump your number down or stay the same depending on how you feel.

Beginners: 2-4 reps or assisted pull-ups
Intermediate: 4-8 reps
Advanced: 8+ reps

3 total sets with 45-90 seconds rest in between full rounds. Rest for 15-45 seconds between each exercise or go when your partner is done!

Leave your comments below to let me know how you enjoyed the workout.

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