3 Weird SUPERfoods

Growing up, I was never one to try new foods. I was the kid that stuck to the same few meals over and over because that’s what I enjoyed. So when I started eating the foods that we will cover today… It was a bit shocking even for myself. However, after doing much research and testing … [Read more…]

Total Wellness Cleanse – Is it for you?

My Honest Review of the Total Wellness Cleanse “Hey Dennis, I have been hearing a lot about the Total Wellness Cleanse this week by Yuri Elkaim. What are your thoughts on it?” As you know, I only support products that I have used before or have had the privilege to review so here comes my … [Read more…]

Get Lean Cycle

Imagine for a second that you NEVER had to suffer through another boring cardio session again… Or a super strict, time consuming, “keep you hungry all day” diet. How would that make you feel? The ability to eat what you want, when you want. Train for 15-20 minutes and know immense fat burning is taking … [Read more…]

When To Eat Carbohydrates To Get Ripped

You see it and hear it everywhere… “You must avoid carbohydrates if you want to get lean…” If you are still thinking like this, you are very mistaken. The fact is, carbohydrates are NEEDED and a MUST if you ever want to get lean and ripped.  => Click here to learn about ‘Micro-Patterning’ The key … [Read more…]

Best Fat Burning Secret?

Quite Possibly The Best Fat Burning Secret It is not your workouts, it is not the food you eat, or even how much sleep you get… All those are very important, don’t get me wrong… However what I am about to share with you can literally make or break your fat burning and weight loss … [Read more…]

The Nutrition Nerd

What happens when a ‘Nutrition Nerd’ and ‘Workout Wizard’ get together for a weekend… Imagine for a second two guys in thick black rimmed glasses, bantering back and forth about the importance of nutrition, why protein is awesome, what oils to cook with, what carbs to eat, how many calories to take in, etc… That … [Read more…]

1 Pound of Fat A Year?

During a recent conversation with my boy Tyler Bramlett, he mentioned something to me that kinda blew my mind… Here is what he said: “Yea… It’s true. No matter if you’re a man or a women, you can actually gain up to a pound of fat each and every year once you hit your adult … [Read more…]