Questions When Training

3 Questions To Always Ask Yourself When Training When you are at the gym training, you are there to get results. What is the point of going if you are not doing something that is benefiting your health and overall well being? I see lots of mistakes being made at the gym, and many times they … [Read more…]

Energize Your Life

32 Ways To Have More Energy We have all been there before: 2PM rolls around and it seems as though your energy is at an all time low. You struggle to keep your eyes open, let alone get any work done. Then there are the mornings you wake up (all mornings for some) and you … [Read more…]


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”-Jim Rohn I often get asked the question, “What is the most important part when it comes to getting healthy?” The simple and obvious answer would be: eat healthier and exercise a few times per week. What if I told you, however, that wasn’t the most important part … [Read more…]

Ways To Amp Up Your Workout

Five Ways To Amp Up Your Workout If you are struggling to get the most out of your workouts or are finding the gym to be boring, this is the article for you. We all go through days where we don’t have the motivation to get to the gym or you may feel that your … [Read more…]

Sunday Coffee Talk 5.0

Sunday Coffee Talk 5.0 Quotes, Tips, Motivation, Workouts, And More More weddings and lots of family time has made for a great weekend thus far and even more to look forward this week ahead. I cannot wait for the workouts this week, as I am back in my element and once again will be lifting … [Read more…]

7 Quotes For The Weekend

Just a short post today of some great motivational quotes to push you through the weekend! These were some quotes that I collected throughout the week and felt the need to share. Take a look: 1. “Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.” What are you doing to make the most of today? … [Read more…]