Are You A Temple Or Tent?

In the song ‘Fruitcakes’ by Jimmy Buffet, there is a verse that states: “I treat my body like a temple, you treat your’s like a tent.” Such a simple yet very powerful verse. We often hear people say, “treat your body like a temple”, and they say this with good reason. We get one body. … [Read more…]

Just Another Day

Is it really “Just another day?” Is today, just another day to let slip away without taking the steps to improve your life, better your relationships, and make the most of the one life you were given? When asked how your day is going, have you ever responded with “just another day”? Think about that … [Read more…]


Believing To Achieving In the realm of personal training and coaching, I am able to interact with many different kinds of individuals. Most times, clients I see in the gym are intimidated and unconfident because of being in the gym environment. I understand their emotions because I felt the same way when I first stepped foot … [Read more…]

10 Simple Solutions To A Great 2013

2013: Your best year yet! I cannot believe that 2013 is already upon us. 2012 was an incredible year and I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store. What I love about a new year is everyone seems to go into it with energy, enthusiasm, determination to change, and the passion to better … [Read more…]