Stress and Weight Gain

Is Stress Making You Fatter, Sicker, And Taking Years Off Your Life? In the high paced world we live in, stress has become the norm. If you are not stressing, something is considered wrong… But can stress be what is causing you to gain weight each year, have less energy, get sick more often, and … [Read more…]

Training Motivation

We are right at the two week mark in the New Year, and this is the time many people start falling off the workout and “get healthy” bandwagon… Please don’t let this be you… Keep reading to find out how YOU can workout 3-days per week for the rest of the year (just like you … [Read more…]

Just Start!

I’ll be honest, the last several weeks I have had a really hard time getting motivated to workout. I’ve used all the excuses… “I am tired”, “I’ll do it later”, “my back hurts”, “I just don’t feel like it today”, “I am too busy”… And on and on it goes… Can any of you relate? … [Read more…]

Interview with Jason Hardy

Ripped To Shreds! Interview with Jason Hardy This interview has been long overdue as this is something I have been dying to share. I’ve known Jason ever since the 6th grade while going to school with his sister. It wasn’t until about 9-10 months ago, however, that Jason and I connected again and started discussing … [Read more…]

Interview with Seth Tourje

I am honored today to have the opportunity to share an interview I did recently with a friend from college, Seth Tourje. Seeing where Seth is now compared to when he was in college is nothing short of amazing. This guy has transformed his life in a variety of ways including his health and fitness. … [Read more…]

Staying Focused On Your Goals

Recently, I was reading an interview with a very famous tightrope walker. You know, those people who walk on a rope between buildings or tall trees or even the grand canyon… Anyways, when asked what the key was when it came to walking on the tightrope, this individual replied: “The secret is keeping your eyes … [Read more…]

Unhealthy And Out Of Shape

Let me be completely honest here… Being out of shape and unhealthy is easy. Anyone can sit around all day and eat chips and donuts while watching Seinfeld (great show, though!). Seriously think about that for a second… How easy would that be? Eat whatever you want, never workout or do anything physical… As fun … [Read more…]

Unmotivated to Workout? Here’s what to do:

Have you ever gone through a period when your motivation to workout was at an all time low? Where every time you went to workout, you either couldn’t muster up the energy or couldn’t get excited about it? You know the feeling I am talking about… Just for a second, imagine that unmotivated feeling… Seriously … [Read more…]