Carb Cycling Results

Results of Carb Cycling

Carb cycling results vary from person to person. However what you will discover is that people who carb cycle correctly, are incredibly happy with the results they see.

In the past, we went over the basics of carb cycling and the kind of results you can expect. Essentially, every successful diet plan incorporates some kind of carb cycling. Whether this be in the form of a cheat day, cheat meals (80/20 rule), strategically placed high carb days throughout the week, etc.

car cycling resultsBodybuilders and physique athletes thrive on carb cycling and have done so for years. It is what allows them to get their body fat to sub 5% levels for competition day.

So if carb cycling works for bodybuilders and physique athletes, don’t you think it would work for the regular health and fitness enthusiast just trying to lose weight and fat? Of course it would.

Carb cycling is a science and that is why it works so well. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as bodybuilders and physique athletes make it out to be. These individuals must time, weight, measure, and count everything that goes into their body so they can get their body fat to competition levels. And unless you are going to be doing one of these shows, I never recommend doing things this way.

To get results from carb cycling, you do not have to over complicate everything. Again, I would never recommend counting and weighing out all your food. That is not how I do things. 

But in order to lose weight, lower your body fat, and get fit, carb cycling should be a part of your nutrition plan. Outlined below are a few simple ways you can start using carb cycling to your advantage to get the results you want. Take a look:

Cheat Day: Six days lower carb, followed by one very high carb day with carbs coming from any and all kinds of food.

I have discussed the Cheat Day many times before on BodyFit Formula and have even done a complete three-part series on it (found HERE). Essentially the cheat day plan is eating real foods for six days, then following that up with one full cheat day per week. Very simple, yet highly effective.

Cheat Meals (80/20 rule): 3-4 strategically placed cheat meals throughout the week that incorporate carbs coming from any kind of food.

This is another approach I have touched base on quite a bit and one that works extremely well. Instead of having one full day of cheat meals, you have 3-4 cheat meals spread throughout the week. For example, you would have a cheat meal on Wednesday at lunch, Friday night, and Sunday morning. Having these 3-4 higher carb meals throughout the week helps keep your metabolism fired up so you can burn more calories and fat.

Carb Cycling Approaches: Other carb cycling approaches are a bit more complicated than the two we went over above, but are still fairly simple when broken down. Essentially what you are doing is breaking down your days into high, medium, and low carb depending on training schedule and your current body fat levels.

The higher your body fat, the less carbs you should be eating. For a full guide, check this article HERE! <– (Be sure to check this out!)

Popular Carb Cycling Approaches:

  • 3-1: Three low carb days followed by one high carb day, and repeat.
  • 4-2-1: Four low carb, two medium carb, and one high carb day per week. Each day should be placed depending on your training schedule. For example, your medium and high carb days should be placed on training days and lower carb days should be placed on rest days. (More info HERE!)
  • 3-2-2: Three low carb, two medium carb, and two high carb days per week. This is more geared to those that have a lower body fat percentage to start off with. Remember, the more body fat you have, the less carbs you should eat in the beginning. However, carbs are essentially to everyone’s diet so be sure not to cut them out completely. (See why HERE, HERE, and HERE!)

The options for carb cycling are endless. The biggest factor is choosing the plan that fits your needs and sticking with it. Don’t jump from one diet to the next, you will only get frustrated and end up quitting.

Instead, find a carb cycle that will best fit your lifestyle and start getting the results you have always wanted!

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