Volume I, Issue 1

Welcome to your first edition of the BodyFit Newsletter! As I mentioned, each week I will be sending out different tips, tricks, and workouts to help further your fitness and provide ways to get you in the best shape of your life.


Dennis Heenan

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Ryan

Next Level Push-Ups

If you have ever tried (and I mean really tried) to max out on your push-up total, you know the exact feeling your body goes through as you try pushing out those last few repetitions. Towards the end, your body is shaking, your abs are incredibly tight, and all the muscles in your body are burning.

When you finally drop to the floor, you are exhausted. You can barely push yourself up to stand, let alone think about doing another set!

After trying this recently, as I laid flat on the floor after collapsing, I was trying to think of different ways that would help improve push-up totals without having to push to the point of exhaustion.

I started testing out different methods of push-ups to see what kind of results I would start seeing. Finally, I came across an incredible workout that replicated the last few repetitions of doing your push-up max total. Except this time, it did not leave my body completely exhausted and I was able to do multiple sets!

If you are looking to improve your push-ups and really bump up your push-up total, give this a try:

Fast Down, Slow Up Push-Ups

This style of push-ups takes a few reps to get used to, but you will quickly get the hang of it.

You will start in your normal push-up position, with your feet shoulder width apart and hands placed a little wider than shoulder width apart. The movement is simple:

  1. You will quickly drop down as if you were to do a regular push-up. Once you hit the bottom of your push-up, you will then pause for a brief second.
  2. Here is where it gets tough: You will then rise back up slowly at a “five count” pace to the top. This means, it should take you five seconds to go from the bottom of your push-up to the top (or back to the starting point).

And that’s it! Pretty simple.

I was amazed at how incredibly well this style of push-up worked in improving overall push-ups. They are incredibly hard but bring results fast!

You should start out doing four sets of this style push-up with a 60 second break in between sets. Take note that doing 4 sets of 10 repetitions is an impressive number to get, so be sure to adjust according to your fitness level. If you must drop to your knees to perform these push-ups, please do so.

Once you have finished your four sets, you will then complete one set of regular push-ups, trying to get as many as you can. In all you will do five sets of push-ups: 4 set of fast down and slow up, and one set of regular.

You can easily add this push-up workout to the end of your current workout routine or perform them on a day off. Either way, expect some serious improvement.

How to Easily Eat More Greens

If you didn’t already know, spinach is an incredibly healthy, fat burning food that should be a staple in your diet. I personally go through more spinach than any other vegetable (although it is a close call with broccoli). However, the problem with spinach is many times I can only eat so much of it in one sitting.

Lately, as I was trying to figure out ways to get more spinach into my diet, I tried something that my wife was absolutely grossed out by. But the end result was incredible!

After a workout recently, I went to make my post workout protein shake which typically consists of:

  1. 4 ounces of almond or coconut milk
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Ice
  4. Half a banana
  5. Protein powder
  6. Water (add for consistency)

As I was whipping up my shake that day, I decided I was going to throw some frozen spinach into the mix. It sounded terrible but I just had to give it a try. When I told my wife, she thought I was crazy.

The shake ended up coming out green, which made matters worse for me wanting to try it. As I nervously took my first sip, I was shocked by the taste.

I couldn’t even taste the spinach at all! It was incredible. It tasted like every other protein shake I had ever made, except this time I was able to add a few healthy servings of spinach to the mix at no cost on the taste!

With that said, if you are looking to very easily add in more greens to your diet to help you burn more fat and provide you with some great vitamins, I suggest giving this a try! I may be experimenting with other vegetables soon, so I will keep you updated!