Why Should I Sprint?

Benefits of Sprinting

When I hear the question, “why should I sprint?”, I immediately fire back with:

Why aren’t you sprinting?

There are so many amazing benefits that sprinting brings, and if you want a piece of any or all of the benefits below I would recommend starting to incorporate sprints weekly as part of your workout routine.

Take a look at all these sprinting benefits and then decide if you should ever ask the question again: “Why should I sprint?”

=> Better than Sprinting?

benefits of sprinting1. Incredible fat burning.

2. Lightening fast results (you can start seeing results within a week!)

3. The most time efficient workout you can do.

4. Naturally produces Growth Hormone (this will help keep you lean, strong, and healthy)

5. Boosts testosterone levels (both men and women need optimal testosterone levels in their bodies in order to help aid in mental and physical energy, adding lean muscle, eliminating unwanted fat, and more. Women this is very important for you to have, and no it will not get you “bulky”)

6. Boosts your metabolism.

7. Has been described as “The purest, most powerful, physique-shaper in an athletes arsenal.” (we are ALL athletes!)

8. Helps build incredibly strong legs (and whole body for that matter)

9. Improves insulin sensitivity.

10. Allows for hours of continued fat burn even after your workout is over!

11. Increases lean muscle gain throughout your entire body.

12. Will help develop a nice set of six-pack abs. Not only will sprints help burn belly fat but they will build your abs as good as any exercise!

13. Improves cardio health and strengthens your heart.

14. Sprints active your fast twitch muscle fibers which will help give you a more muscular look!

15. Will strengthen your toes, feet, ankles, calves, and shins.

16. Did I mention results? If you want results fast, start sprinting. After your diet, sprints are the “next best thing” in terms of getting results fast!

17. If nobody else is doing them, it probably means you SHOULD be doing them!

18. They are the cool thing to do (yes I am trying to peer pressure you!)

19. Because they are awesome… Plain and simple!

20. Just trust me and do them. You can thank me later!

If you are not fired up about sprinting after reading through those benefits, I would be shocked. I mean who doesn’t want crazy fast results? Who doesn’t want to extend their fat burning for hours after a workout is over? Who doesn’t want to lose fat and replace it with ripped, lean muscle?

If you don’t want any of these benefits, I guess you are in the wrong place! But if you do want to start seeing amazing results, I encourage you to be “cool” and start doing some sprints. You will be thanking yourself immensely within weeks after seeing the “physique-shaper” impact it will have on your body.

Alright, off to go do some sprint… Won’t you join me?

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