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Runners Gain Weight Each Year?

joggIn 2006, researchers at Berkeley and Stanford University did a study on habitual runners. The study included 13,000 runners, both men and women, from all walks of life. The results of this study will shock you just as they shocked the fitness industry at the time:

Researchers concluded from their study that runners actually put on weight each year,even the ones that ran up to 8 miles per day!

The study stated that on average, the runners gained weight each year no matter if they were thin, overweight, tall, or short. And as was stated, it also did not matter on the amount of milage or time these individuals spent running, they still put on weight each year!

Shocking? I think not…

As we have discussed before, the best workouts to get fit and stay fit are ones that are high in intensity and force your body to burn calories for hours after the workout is over. When you go for a run, you are only burning calories while during the workout. Once your workout is over, your calorie and fat burning stops. Not the best use of time if you ask me…

In order to get the results you are looking for, workouts such as sprints, weight training, high intensity intervals, circuits, metabolic resistance training, etc. will allow your body to burn fat and calories for hours and even days after your workouts are finished. 

This about this for a second:

  • Subject “A” goes on an 8 mile run and it takes them one hour to complete. Subject A just burned calories for one hour and now the caloric burn has stopped now that the workout is over.
  • Subject “B” went in and completed an interval circuit lasting 25 minutes, and was left dripping with sweat when they finished. Subject “B” leaves the workout, but for the next 24-48 hours, they are still burning fat and calories because of the intensity of their workout.

Now let me ask you this: Which person would you like to be? Subject “B” of course!

First off, Subject “B’s” workout took less than half the time and they were still able to burn fat for far longer than Subject “A”.

That right there is the power of doing the right workouts and the right exercises.

If you want to start seeing the results you have always dreamed of, you must start kicking up the intensity on your workouts. Long slow cardio is just not going to get the job done for you, and it never will. You may see some results if you are eating properly, but for the most part your results will be slow just like your workouts. 

Instead, focus your efforts on doing 3-4 high intensity workouts a week and watch as your results skyrocket. Please don’t think you have to spend an hour a day on the treadmill or running outside to lose weight. That is such a huge misconception. The best way to lose weight is to engage in high intensity workouts that will allow you to burn fat around the clock (along with proper nutrition of course!). 

If you did 3-4 high intensity workouts a week, you will literally be burning fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In comparison, if you ran 3-4 times per week you would only burn fat and calories for 3-4 hours a week from your workouts.

That comparison alone should convince you to ditch the long slow cardio once and for all.

If you are a runner and still skeptical, all I can ask is that you give this a try: Stop the long slow cardio and instead engage in some high intensity workouts. I can guarantee the results will amaze you! 

P.S. Always remember to walk as much as possible. Walking is NOT consider long slow cardio. There are tons of benefits that walking will bring. See them HERE!

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