Anyone Can Burpee


Shawna and I after filming a few workout videos!

When I was in Vegas recently for a fitness mastermind meeting and I got to meet up and talk with one of the most sought after experts in the industry, Shawna Kaminski.

Shawna is just so much fun to be around and is so knowledgable when it comes to fitness (and not to mention she is super fit… See below).

In all her awesomeness, we were able to put together a quick video for you that discusses some ways that you can start building into doing more burpees, no matter what fitness level.

And as I am sure you heard me say before… The more burpees you can do, the more fit you will be. Check out this video:

Shawna gives us some great insight on how to build into doing more and more burpees whether you are a beginner or advanced.

We both agree that the burpee is one of the best exercises around. And Shawna thinks so highly of them that she has actually put together a FULL BURPEE WORKOUT PROGRAM!

She is as passionate about burpees as I am about sprints…

==> Click here to see Shawna’s Program and 50+ burpee variations <———–This is a steal. You will use this for every single workout you do in the future (gotta love variations)

As you heard me say in the video… You have a challenge on your hands. If you can beat my 50 burpees as fast as possible time of under 3-minutes you get a FREE gift (since this video I broke my record and now have a new record 5o burpees in 2 minutes and 51 seconds).

Now here’s the thing… an incredible way for you to build into beating my burpee challenge (and keep your workouts interesting) is to follow the workout flow of Shawna’s challenge burpee program.

==> Click here to check out Shawna’s Challenge Burpee program <==== Old School!

shawna1And let me say this… Shawna knows what she is talking about. I mean she can do over 20 pull-ups in a row, more than 50 pushups in a row and looks like this at the age of 50 ==================================>

So it is safe to say that this super-fit lady knows what she is talking about and has your back when it comes to intense workouts. 

=> Start obliterating fat (literally) by using one of the 21 incredible Burpee Challenge workouts that Shawna has put together 

To close, I want to leave you with 10 Facts about Burpees that you really need to pay attention to and keep in mind the next time you workout:

FACT 1: Works over a dozen different muscles
FACT 2: Can be done in 3 seconds or less
FACT 3: Will have you sweating in under 30 seconds
FACT 4: Blow torches body fat AND adds lean muscle
FACT 5: Over 50 different variations… => click here to see
FACT 6: Don’t need equipment or space
FACT 7: 5-10 minutes is all you need for a great workout
FACT 8: Ignites athleticism, strength, and speed all at once
FACT 9: Produces rapid results
FACT 10: Directly targets belly fat

If that isn’t enough to convince you to ‘Do the Burpee’… I don’t know what will… I’m off to go beat my 2-minutes and 51-second record. Wish me luck!

=> Get fit with these 21-different burpee workouts <====