555 Workout

exercise mistakesIt was a doozy… Wow I feel old school saying that ha!

It was back in January when I was away for the weekend and trying to get in a  quick workout at the hotel room before my next meeting.

I didn’t have equipment and the hotel gym was a joke (and by joke I mean it was filled with cardio machines ands that’s about it…)

My options were no workout or hotel workout. And I think you know what I chose…

So there I was scheming in my mind a workout that was going to get my muscles pumping and kill the cardio.

I decided I was going to model a workout I had seen some weeks before that my mentor and coach Craig Ballantyne had put together. Yet I was going to make mine BETTER 😉

I wrote down the exercises, slipped on my five finger shoes, and hit the floor. I was off…

After 25 reps on the first exercise, I was already sweating… With still 25 more to go… More sweat and heavy breathing and boom I was past the first hurdle… On to the next…

I checked my paper… “Wowza, seriously Dennis… What were you thinking?”

Sweat dripping a little faster, I was past part two. By part three and into four, I was pouring sweat.

It may have been the temperature in the room, but whatever the case, this workout was getting to me. 

After I finished all 555 reps, I had no choice but to lay on the floor to recover and follow that up with an ice-cold shower before my next meeting (which I did make it to right on the dot).

So what was this workout? What is the 555 Workout I am referring to? Well, if you dare, continue reading…

Here it is… Complete all reps on one exercise before moving to the next. Complete as quickly as possible resting only when needed. 

-50 Burpees
-100 Squat Jumps-100
-Outside Mountain Climbers
-100 Pushups
-100 Punisher Squats (20 bodyweight squats followed by a 10 second hold X5)
-25 Outside Mountain Climbers
-25 Squat Jumps
-25 Pushups
-30 Burpees
555 reps.

As you can tell… Not a beginner workout. HOWEVER, if you are a beginner try cutting the reps in half or even by a third. All the exercises can easily be made to fit your fitness level.

For example, for squat jumps do squat to toes. For pushups do knee-pushups. For burpees do mountain climbers.

Go at your own pace. Just be sure you are pushing yourself. The less rest you take, the harder the workout will be.

Now who said you needed weights to get in a great workout? 

You already know my love for bodyweight stuff. And just like my mentor, Mr. Ballantyne, who I mentioned earlier… We both firmly believe in bodyweight only workouts.

Even better, Craig has a sale happening right now on his revolutionary Home Workout Revolution System for the next few days. It’s 51 follow-along workouts that are 100% bodyweight and designed for you busy professionals out there. (this system only goes on sale 1-2 times per year and it’s over 51% off right now!)

If you feel it’s for you, go here to grab a copy at its discounted price.

In the meantime, I dare you… No, I double-dog-dare you to try the 555 workout and report back on how it went. And here’s what I am going to do… I am going to do it again.

Just so we can both say we got after it in our workouts today. 

Let’s keep pushing and making 2014 the best year ever.

Dedicated to your success,

Dennis Heenan

P.S. Recently, I asked each of you what you wanted to see more of in 2014. And of the many responses that came in, I got an overwhelming response for more bodyweight workouts. I understand, you are busy and want to be able to do something right there at home while watching TV or ever cooking dinner.

I took that into consideration and have some cool stuff coming your way soon. I am energized and ready to go with the single goal in mind of getting YOU fit! Let’s do this!

P.P.S. If you want 51 workouts that you can do right at home in follow-along form, go grab Craig’s Home Workout Revolution. The workouts take just 4, 12, or 19 minutes to complete!