11 Best Fitness Tips

11 Fitness Tips

Below are 11 Fitness Tips that will help boost your results and overall health:

1. It all starts with nutrition: Nutrition is 80-90% of the results you see. If you eat like crap, you will more than likely look that way too. On the flip side of things, if you eat high quality foods, your body will naturally burn away unwanted fat and get lean! –> Grab your free report for more nutrition information!

2. Focus on one step at a time: You often hear trainers say: you need to workout 4 days per week, eat healthy, sleep 8 hours a night, eliminate stress from your life, etc, etc, etc… This is a recipe for disaster. It is hard enough to change your eating habits let alone try and change 8 other things.

Focus on one change at a time, then once that become easy (a habit forms), move on to the next step. I recommend starting with changing your diet first then moving on to changing your workout habits. By just changing your diet you will start to see results which will then let you easily transition into changing your other habits.

3. Do the things others don’t want to do: In a quote from John C. Maxwell,

“Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”

Fitness TipsIn fitness, this means doing workouts that will challenge you and eating the right foods. No one wants to do sprints or crazy interval circuits or lift hard. But the successful ones do it because they know that is what it takes to get the results they are looking for.

Look around the gym and you will notice that the people who are the most fit are the ones working the hardest. This doesn’t translate into spending 3 hours in the gym, but it means you have got to work hard and smart in order to get your desired results. Jogging on a treadmill for an hour is NOT smart. Doing 30 minutes of high intensity intervals is smart. Lifting hard and staying focused during your entire 40 minute workout is smart. Doing 15 minutes of sprints is smart.

Start changing your outlook on the way you train and I can guarantee your results will go through the roof.

4. Challenge everything: Don’t just do something because I or someone else tells you to do it. Test it out, research it, study it, etc.

I figured out that sprints were the most powerful fat burning workout on the planet by first testing it out then doing tons of research to back up my claim. I figured out that squats build my quads, glutes, and calves better than any exercise by testing it out and seeing the results.

If you don’t believe me that sprints are better than your long slow cardio, then challenge me on it. If you think all you need to do is ab workouts to get abs, then challenge me on it. Start testing to see what works best for you. I put my content out there for you because I have tested it on myself and others, and want you to experience the same results. But if you are questioning something, test it first then make your conclusion.

Fitness Tips5. Be patient: Success does not happen over night. Although there are certainly ways you can speed up results, don’t get discouraged if you haven’t seen much progress in 2 weeks time. The truth is most people have been damaging their body with little movement and harmful foods for years, then expect two weeks of discipline to erase the last 10 years. That is not how it works. However, when done properly, you can see great results and start feeling better than ever within just weeks. Be patient and never, ever give up!

Grabbing my free report is a great place to start–> Click HERE for your free report!

6. Choose your goals wisely: One big reason I see people stop working out and eating healthy is they set goals that were too lofty. Although I agree with setting big goals, they also have to be realistic.

As Jonathan Kozol says, “Pick battles big enough to matter, but small enough to win.” As I stated in number two, focus on one goal at a time. Choose a goal that will challenge you but one that is also attainable. Choose goals that are healthy and ones that will set you up for lifelong success.

Crash diets and crazy “8 days a week” exercise plans set you up for failure. You cannot sustain that kind of lifestyle. Set goals that are attainable, then once you achieve that goal down, set some more!

7. Be optimistic: Optimism is so important in all aspects of life. One of my favorite quotes comes from Norman Vincent Peale when he said:

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success

You must know and be optimistic that you can do anything. The first step in achieving what you want is believing you can do it.

8. If it is not working, change it: You have heard me say this in the past but I cannot stress this enough. It is frustrating seeing people at the gym day in and day out, doing the exact same routine and getting little or no results.

You know my beliefs on long slow cardio, it’s just not going to get the job done. I don’t care how much you sweat during your hour long jog, sweating does not constitute a good workout. If you have not seen results from your workouts within the last 1-3 months, something needs to change.

First, evaluate your diet as this is where most people struggle. Then take a look at your workouts to see where they need to change. Your workouts are supposed to boost results not stall them. Allow your workouts to work for you by incorporating some sprints, weight training, high intensity intervals, and circuit training.

9. Keep things simple: Walk into any gym around the country and you will see people doing some of the craziest exercises and workout routines (like the guy to the right). 95% of these exercises and workouts are a waste of time. Keep your workouts simple. 

There are plenty of great exercise variations that don’t make you to look crazy or risk serious injury. For example, the barbell squat… Some variations include: front squats, single leg squat, goblet squat, sumo squat, Bulgarian split squat, body weight squat, squat jumps, box squat, overhead squat, dumbbell squat, etc. All the essential exercises have plenty of variations for you to do. The main thing to remember is keep it simple.

10. Work both hard and smart: Working smart is just as important as working hard. I see so many people spend 3 hours everyday in the gym “working hard” to only see little or no results. You do NOT need to spend this kind of time in the gym.

You may think you are working hard, but you are most definitely not. After 45-60 minutes, our body and brain start losing a significant amount of focus and energy. Plus, our bodies start working against us rather than for us (see why HERE). Working smart in your workouts means having a plan, doing the right exercises and workouts, staying on top of your rest times, keeping focused throughout your workout, and never allowing your workouts to last longer than 45-60 minutes. The combination of working hard and smart are when the real results come!

11. Have fun: Working out and getting fit is meant to be fun! If you are not having fun, something needs to change.

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, he asked me if I thought he was working out too much. He mentioned that he lifted 5-6 days a week for 40-45 minutes each time, then played in some men’s soccer leagues 4-5 nights a week. At first glance this sounded like he was doing too much…

But when he was talking you could just tell how much fun he was having with it. He loved working out and playing in these leagues.

So why would I tell someone to stop doing something if they are having a blast doing it? Now if he was getting sick a lot, or always overly sore, then something might need to change (this would constitute overtraining.) When you have fun working out, you see workouts through a totally new lens. You wake up looking forward to your workouts and crave more of them.

Find workouts that you love and stick with it. If you are completely unmotivated, I encourage you to push through at least 21 days of going 3 days per week for 30 minutes each session. Once you start seeing results, things become a lot more fun and exciting.

I encourage you to take the tips of above and put them to good use. Print them out and use them as a reminder or encouragement. Incorporating these 11 tips are a surefire way to get and stay fit for life!

Now it is time for you to take action and start getting after it. Work hard, stay dedicated, and have fun!!

I would love to hear some of your own fitness tips! Please drop a comment below:


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