10-Minute Wingate Protocol Workout

I put this video together for the Superhero Inner Circle Members, however, I thought you might enjoy it today as well.

It’s a 10-Minute Add-On workout that consists of a protocol which is known as the Wingate Protocol.

If you are not familiar with this protocol, it calls for doing four to six 30-second all-out bouts of exercise with a short rest in between.

The main purpose for this style of exercise is to “fully stress the alactic and lactic anaerobic energy systems.”

In other words, your goal is to completely burn up these two energy systems (alactic and lactic), which happens through intense bouts of exercise and can be accomplished in just 2-short-minutes.

Researchers have tested the Wingate Protocol for years, yet it was the study below that will shock you and completely change your mind for HOW you should be exercising moving forward…

Leading researchers tested the Wingate Protocol, having participants perform four 30-second all-out sprints (2-minutes of total work), and compared it to a second group that performed just one single 2-minute sprint.

Both groups trained with the same volume (2-minutes of work), resulting in the same amount of caloric burn during the exercise. However, it was afterwards that shocked researchers…

In the 24-hours after the workouts were finished, the Wingate participants (4, 30-second all out sprints) had 63% higher fat oxidation, or in other words, were using 63% MORE fat as fuel from their workouts.

In comparison, the single 2-minute sprint group saw an increase of just 38% fat oxidation.

So although both groups saw great results, it was the Wingate Group that nearly doubled in fat burning through doing just 2-minutes of total exercise.

Anyways, it’s powerful stuff. You do the workout below!

Workout Description:
Perform 30-seconds on each exercise without rest. Rest 30-seconds between full rounds. After 2-rounds, move to the next circuit.

Circuit #1
-Reverse Alternating Lunges: 30-seconds

-Pushups: 30-seconds
-Upper Body Touches: 30-seconds
Rest 30-seconds and repeat ONE more time then move to circuit #2…

Circuit #2
-Alternating Hand Grip Pushups: 30-seconds
-Bodyweight Squats: 30-seconds
-Hip Raises: 30-seconds
-Outside Mountain Climbers: 30-seconds
Rest 30-seconds and repeat ONE more time…

Get after it!

-Dennis Heenan

P.S. I’ve been asked lately about the Superhero Inner Circle. Currently it’s closed. I may be opening it back up soon.