#1 Workout Secret

faster resultsWell all want harder, better, faster, and stronger results from our workouts (yes, I just quoted Kanye). Just like you, I am always looking for ways to improve my workouts to eliminate more fat and increase lean muscle.

Well today, I would like to let you in on a little secret. OK, it may not be a “secret” but it is the number one key aspect to your workouts if you are serious about changing your body…

I am talking about intensity. 

As you have heard me say before, the higher the intensity of your workouts, the better results you will see. Let me break it down like this:

Long, Slow Workouts = Long, Slow Results

Short, Fast Workouts = Short, Fast Results

Pretty simple right?

intense workoutIn a study done by Experimental Biology, researchers tested 11 men and 11 women, all of whom were working out at different levels of intensity. What researchers found was that the group of individuals working out closest to their anaerobic threshold, they experienced maximal fat utilization.

This means the group working at the highest intensity, burned the most fat and allowed their body to use fat as its primary source of energy!

So the harder you push yourself in your workouts, the better fat burning results you will see.

Now this does not mean that your workouts need to last for 45-60 minutes. Not even close.

Multiple studies and workout programs have shown us that when done properly, 15-20 minutes is really all you need!

Fitness and Fat Loss expert Shawna Kaminski puts it this way:

“The most cutting edge research now shows us that it’s during these short intense bursts of workouts when your body gets all of the best benefits such as increased growth hormone, building of a lean athletic body, and a massive fat torching spike in your metabolism to burn off every ounce of excess fat.”

-Shawna Kaminski, Author: Challenge Fat Loss

When you keep your workouts short and intense, your body starts reaping the benefits, fast!

I mean think about why you are seeing so many high intensity workout programs on the market today… Do you think that is by mistake?

Of course not.

The solution to fat loss is simple: if you want fast results, your workouts must be fast (intense!)

For example (I can’t leave you with all that and not provide a workout right?!),

workout fat loss

<== Fat Burning Workout!

Complete all exercises below in order and finish as quickly as possible. Rest only when needed:

  • 30 seconds of sprints in place
  • 25 push-ups
  • 25 double-unders
  • 25 box jumps
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 mountain climbers each side

Repeat 4 times!

A simple workout like this, is all you need to burn crazy amounts of fat in a short period of time!

In Shawna’s Challenge Fat Loss program, she puts it best when she states:

“…while you workout hard… there’s another whole other level where REAL Results are produced and where plateaus are shattered.”

She breaks all the rules with this program and provides you with some of the most intense workouts on the internet!

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Superhero Finishers

Some of these workouts alone will help you burn over 100+ calories (in under 8-minutes!)

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All that to say, remember this:

It is not the duration of your workouts, but the intensity of them! 

Bump the intensity, see harder, better, faster, and stronger results… Simple as that!

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